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Art by the Sea, art show and sale by local artists, which benefits the scholarship funds of the Ipswich Bay Yacht Club and the Association of Great Neck is Sunday, September 16 from noon until 4pm at the Ipswich Bay Yacht Club, 2 Quay Road. This special event includes free admission, cash bar, hors d'oeuvres, and a raffle. The painting to be raffled is HERE.

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AGN is selling reusable grocery bags ($10/bag), navy blue with white AGN logo, to support the conservation and preservation of Clark Beach. To purchase a bag, contact Lianne Halloran --

Stories from Ipswich, by Gordon Harris
The Keeping of Cattle on Jeffreys Neck

CONSERVATION CORNER: No one knows how much un-recycled plastic ends up in the ocean. What we do know is most of it isn't thrown off ships, but is dumped on land or in rivers. It is then blown or washed into the sea. It's unclear how long it will take for plastic to completely biodegrade. However, estimates range from 450 years to never.

And ocean plastic is estimated to kill millions of marine animals every year. Nearly 700 species, including endangered ones, are harmed visibly -- strangled by abandoned fishing nets, while many more are harmed invisibly.

A highly effective action is the manual clean up of beaches, coasts, rivers, lands, and estuaries. Please join us the second Saturday of August & September to clean up plastic litter at Clark Beach because plastic trash in the ocean is more than an aesthetic problem.

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