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Formed in 1975 and incorporated in 1977, the nonprofit Association of Great Neck is a charitable corporation created for social, recreational, educational, ecological and civic activities for the benefit of residents of Great Neck, Ipswich, Massachusetts, and the protection of natural resources for the public.

The Association's Board of Directors are all volunteers. Assets of the Association include the A.B. Clark Beach, Clark Pond and lands adjacent, and the "Welcome to Great Neck" Triangle.

Beautiful Clark Pond provides a summer nesting area for swans, waterfowl and red-winged blackbirds. The pond area also provides a food and freshwater source for deer, possum, foxes and other mammals.

Clark Beach is well-known for its spectacular panoramic views of Plum Island and Crane Beach. Summer or winter, a stroll along Clark Beach brings expansive views of sky, water, marsh and sand.

Last revised: October 22, 2019